How I Work

If you choose to work with me, I'll give you:

  • Respect, time and my full attention, without judgement.  I’ll commit to giving you what you need in our time together, for as long as you feel you need it.

  • A well-founded approach to therapy.  Person-centred therapy was developed by psychologists who studied what helped in therapy.  Attachment theory, which looks at how we form relationships and how we see ourselves and the world, supports the findings of person-centred research.  Existential psychotherapy brings in the ‘big questions’, the fears and hopes of human life, and how we respond to them even when we don’t realise we are.

  • Attention to emotion.  Like many psychologists and psychotherapists, I see emotion as a part of our survival system, not something simply ‘prone to being faulty’.  I see emotions, and problems like depression and anxiety. as a response to our needs and experience.  Exploration and understanding in therapy allows for change, bringing relief, peace, freedom and choice.