How I Work

The Person-Centred Approach to Therapy

Person-centred therapy was developed in the Psychology departments of US universities from the 1940s onwards.  It is an evidence-based approach that is well supported by research and, alongside CBT and psychodynamic counselling, is one of the main psychotherapeutic models.

Person-centred therapy doesn't try to isolate individual symptoms of emotional distress and suppress them, but instead permits exploration.  In my work, I often see clients' focus move in unexpected but crucial directions.  It's this opportunity for exploration that allows for lasting change and brings strength and resilience in all areas of life.

The work of therapy requires that I follow you in whatever direction you need to go, helping you find courage to face what you fear.  It depends on my earning your trust and on my hearing you fully and without judgement.  It depends on my compassion and respect for you as an individual.  These are my commitments to you as my client.